Distribution / Sales

Since 1995, H&P has distributed software products for the AmigaOS, Windows, and MacOS. We are the exclusive distributors for almost all of the products that we ship to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Some of our products are shipped either within Europe, or worldwide.

Our work includes the creation of German translations of the software products, and their respective manuals. In some cases, we also produce the complete packaging and organise the creation of the country specific data carriers.

We also handle computer media, organising advertising, creation of prospects and advertising materials, presentation at computer fairs, German (and/or English) customer support, and managing support for resellers.

Among our business partners are:

  • Flowerfire, USA
  • Xara Ltd., England
  • GP Software, Australien
  • R-Tools Technology, Canada
  • Software602, Czech Republic/USA
  • Akvis, Russian Republic/Canada
  • Grasshopper LLC, USA (formerly Soft-Logik)

Software Development

In the last several years, we have organised two updates for the Amiga Operating System, and developed a large portion of it ourselves. During this time, a PowerPC-kernal, Rexx-interpreter, a GUI-development tool, an MS-Word import module, some class libraries, and other tools were also developed.

However, the main product of the development department of H&P is StormC: an integrated development environment which includes project management, compiler, debugger, linker, run-time-system and class library. This development system is currently available for both the 68k and PowerPC processors under the AmigaOS. Versions for Linux, QNX, and ElateOS/AmigaDE are also being developed.

Reference products are, among others:

  • AmigaOS 3.5 & 3.9
  • StormC 4
  • AmigaWriter 2.2
  • ArtEffect 4.0
  • SAT1 Game

Haage&Partner Services

H&P is a company specialising in print- and internet-related media. For more than 6 years, we have been offering solutions in the area of publishing, from the planning stages and graphical realisation, to the creation of the end product. Prospects, manuals, posters, letters–we guide you through the entire project. Since 1996, we have also been active in the internet arena, and offer everything you need for a professional internet presence. Our expertise includes the areas of planning, design, and technical realisation, as well as ongoing maintenance.

We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of our products. Only a perfect presentation with print media or on the internet makes a good business card for the respective company. Therefore, extensive individual support is a foregone conclusion for us. The loyalty of our satisfied customers is the best proof of this.