The HAAGE & PARTNER COMPUTER GmbH was founded in October 1995 by Juergen Haage, Markus Nerding and Jochen Becher. They have been in the computer business for more than 15 years.

Jürgen Haage has been running his business for 13 years (since 1988). He started as a programmer, then worked as a consultant and software product manager and consultant. He is responsible for sales, dealer contacts and public relations.

Markus Nerding has a diploma as an engineer of computer science. He is responsible for product management and international contacts. He worked for more than 6 years as a product manager at a Software company (MAXON Computer).

IT Projects & Services

Jürgen Haage | Project Management
Kathleen Rother | Graphic Design, Marketing
Stelios Tsakiridis | IT Specialist Data Recovery, PC Services
Dominik Hahl | Trainee

Software & Translation

Markus Nerding | Project Management
Mathias Konrath | Consultant (Sawmill)
Norbert Ehret | Consultant (Directory Opus), Forum Administrator

Consultants & Freelancers

Alessandro Bello | programmer
Claudia Nerding | translation
Michael Ochs | translation, testing, QA
Julian Burkhardt | translation, testing, QA
Matthias Bay | translation, testing, QA
Dipl.-Ing. Markus Pöllmann | developer
Wolfgang Hosemann | product support
Sebastian Becker |product support
Simon Neumann | product support
Eike M. Lang | product support

Former employees

Ute Gottschalk | order management and book-keeping.
Tariq Koulla | Trainee
Julian Schmitt | Trainee (2006-2007)
Julian Chenaux-Repond | Trainee (2005-2006)
Michael Kinch | Media Designer (Trainee 2001-2004)